The 21st century that we are now is a century of information technology and boundless opportunities.

However, the progress carries both pros and cons. Rampant development of every industrial sector and transportation has significantly affected yet critical environmental conditions on the Earth, with the foodstuff becoming considerably less healthy and even dangerous for consumption or drinking water becoming a mixture of chlorine and other impurities.

What impact has this ecological situation on our health? It caused our body to be daily attacked by viruses and bacteria. Even a person with a strong immune system is unprotected from bacteria, viruses, helminths or fungi penetrating the body. Only imagine that your body can be a home to 150 parasites of various types every minute damaging your health by intoxication, depressing your immune function and provoking allergy.

Slaggy body might give rise to chronic fatigue, low performance, headaches or recurrent colds. Over time, people have realized that there's need in technologies able to help the body in standing against such negative effects. As innovative fast-growing company, Axioma Life is seeking to implement high-tech IT products improving people's welfare all over the world.

A unique wellness system developed exclusively for Axioma Life is the outcome of multi-year scientific research and inventions. The system includes Life Balance device and Life Expert web clinic complex.

A current method applicable in the complex operation was developed in early 20th century.

In 1920, Royal Raymond Rife, a scientist, invented the world's first ultraviolet microscope and micro-manipulator. With the help of this sophisticated apparatus Rife was the first to see a virus alive. Rife was meticulous in identifying an individual radiation spectrum for every microbe by using spectrum properties. Then, he affected the virus by the frequency of its own causing resonance. Resonance would increase oscillation radiation, similar to two ocean waves intensifying each other when merging. That way, the scientist would multiply their natural oscillations until they died of radiation, though without any damage to surrounding tissues. Royal Raymond Rife called this frequency a 'Mortal Oscillatory Rate'.

These principles laid the basis for the unique complex - Life Balance, a harmonizing device, and Life Expert, a device for rapid screening and complex generation.

ПLife Balance is a portable wellness device for effectively killing parasites, detoxicating body and preventing from many disease. With the help of electromagnetic waves the frequency of which coincide with oscillations of microorganisms, Life Balance affects pathogenic microorganisms in our body and destroys them by intensifying these oscillations.

Device efficiency can be visually estimated with the dark-field microscope. We've put a Paramecium caudatum under the microscope and started the device program after several seconds.

As you can see, the device effect caused resonance and rupture of membrane.

Most importantly, these electromagnetic waves are absolutely safe for the human body since the frequency of parasites' vital activities doesn't coincide with the frequency of human vital activities. Life Balance is completely safe for humans, only affecting parasites, and has no age restrictions for use.

Axioma Life combines new health-safeguarding technologies!